From Start-Up to Up Grades: How Today’s Top Brands Have Expanded HQ’s with Success!

Everything big, starts small. We’re talking about the size of your company, the ideas, and the headquarters!  Many start-up businesses and new ideas are harnessed in small, often cheap, and sometimes nearly bare places.  But when someone likes your ideas, as in millions of someones, head quarters get bigger, more elaborate, and full of people and stuff!  When you question continuing the start up that you’re running out of a shed with just a laptop, a space heater, and a mini fridge, check out how some of today’s largest brands have moved up!

Zuckerberg's Freshman Dorm Room at Kirkland House

Facebook, originally “thefacebook,” was founded in a Harvard dorm room, 2007.

latest FB office

March 30, 2015, Mark Zuckerberg announced that their latest office in Menlo Park, California, will include walking trails on the roof, you know, for when you need to get back to nature.  Looks like we’re going on another road trip!

first YouTube office

When starting up in 2005, the first YouTube headquarters was hidden above a pizzeria and a Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California. The office was reached by taking a creaky elevator.

YouTube 2015  youtube today

Today, you can slide from the third floor to the second floor of YouTube headquarters!  The San Bruno office space is a branch of Google’s headquarters.


twitter first HQ  twitter first HQ 2

Twitter (tested as Twttr) started out in the office of Odea, Inc., a platform for podcasting in San Francisco, CA. Sound classier that some start ups, but the space and location of the office was pretty bare in 2006.

TWITTERtwitter today 2

Now, Twitter has done some redecorating! The theme seems to have a touch of nature, maybe inspired by their little blue logo?


google first office

When Google launched in 1998, official headquarters were located in the garage of Susan Wojcicki (now the company’s vice president of product management) on Santa Margarita Ave., Menlo Park, California.

google latest 1  google today

Today, the company’s headquarters are referred to as the Googleplex, and includes a space called the Garage! *There is also a T-Rex skeleton replica on the premises.

first cote office 1  first cote office 2

Cote Media started at a small office in Red Bank, New Jersey, just over 4 years ago.

cote today 1  cote today 3

Today, our Google Partner status shines through in the décor of our bigger office space! We also have Facebook blue walls… or is that Twitter blue?

Where has your business started and where are you going?  If you are still trying to make it big, call us!