At Cote Media, we spend a lot of time at our computer desks so we make sure they are nice and cozy. More important than your office space being comfortable is that it keeps you productive!  Not only does the set up affect your success, but so does your personal routine!  If you’re looking for a better day at your home office, try these 5 tips!

  • The right chair and desk combination.

Adjust your office chair so your feet can reach the ground evenly with your knees at a 90-degree angle. In this position, your knees should slide right under a desk of the complimenting height.  The more challenging part of choosing a chair is how your back rests. More on that from

*If shopping for the right chair makes you feel like Goldilocks, maybe you’re more the standing desk kind of worker. This choice can come with its own short list of options for optimal performance, as well.


  • Let there be light!

If your space allows, situate yourself where natural light enters the room. According to World Green Building Council, neuroscientists conducting a study of office workers concluded that those without windows in the workplace are more likely to experience physical problems, and less likely to give their best performance on the job.  Also, sunshine boost serotonin which makes us happy!


  • Dress for the Job

Rather than rolling out of bed, possibly wearing yesterday’s clothes, wake up with more than just a cup of coffee! Showering and putting on a fresh outfit is the easiest way to wake up and be wide-eyed for work. Not only does it make you feel better, but you’ll always be ready for a short-notice video call with the team.

We’re not saying you should wear a suit and tie or a dress every day, unless that’s what you feel most productive in.  Instead, we’re just asking that you put some effort into the day, and maybe wear pants… maybe!


  • Give your eyes a break.

The blue light of your computer screen can throw off your circadian rhythm, changing your response to light and darkness in a 24-hour cycle. This can alter sleep patterns and throw off related releases of melatonin. Every 20 minutes, take your eyes off the screen a few seconds. Stare at something in the distance to exercise your eyes and refocus.


  • Work first, then play.

We can’t all have the luxury of a private work place, and even when we do, some people think that working from home is on par with playing on the computer. You have to gently, but firmly clarify that working from home is work!

Sometimes, we even have to get strict with ourselves. When taking a lunch break, set a timer on your phone so you don’t stay away from your computer for too long.


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