After finding your perfect desk and chair (or lack thereof) for the home office (see our previous blog), it’s time to add that personal touch! Go beyond hanging a couple of generic pieces on the wall to keep you motivated and productive beyond the 9 to 5 hours!


  • Vision Board

Remind yourself why you work, and inspire your work with photographs or magazine cut-outs, scissors and glue, and a poster board.

Saving up for Disney World? Place the Magic Kingdom on your board!  Are you the bread-winner of your family? Put a family picture at the center of your board. Include thought provoking quotes and positive words.  Be sure that the finished product is something you can look at until you’re able to book that flight to Orlando!


  • Go Green

“There are studies which show that workers in environments disconnected from nature don’t function as well as those in workplaces incorporating aspects of nature,” says Stephen R. Kellert, professor of social ecology at the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Don’t exhaust your mind at the home office; keep it working by bringing plants into the room. You don’t have to have a green thumb to own a few house plants. Find your first or your next home office plant in this article from The Healthy Home Economist.


  • Fine Tuning

When working from home, you don’t always have control over your environment, including the noise!  The best way to block it all out so you can focus: headphone! Much like the perfect chair test, it can take a few (hundred) tried before you find your perfect match.  The right fit should cover your ears, block outside noise without blasting at maximum volume, and play your favorite tunes.

With all the radio and streaming music choices we have today, you can listen to a new playlist everyday!


  • Exercise Equipment

Be sure to exercise your mind by stretching your muscles at least once a day. When your body gets moving, your blood circulates better throughout, bringing oxygen to your brain! Also, sitting in a chair for too long, no matter how top-of-the-line, can make your body stiff and this can distract your thoughts. Don’t have any gym equipment? Try a yoga routine that only requires an office chair, like this one!


  • No Clutter!

Don’t trash all your hard work! A cluttered space can slow you down in more ways than one.

All food and beverages should be at a safe distance from your computer to prevent any damage; back-up your files regularly! Stretch your legs often by clearing your work space of any trash, dirty dishes, empty cups, or old files. Always leave a clearing for your feet to get comfortable and your chair to swivel in any direction as needed.

Our best advice: get ample space by upgrading from a desk to a whole table! Take it an extra step by owning a custom table that you can brag about; that’s what we did!

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We can proudly say that we’re practicing all this advice at our home office, and that’s how we get our best work done! Share your home office tips with us! Leave us a comment on our blog, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.