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Small Businesses find Social Media Marketing MOST Effective

A new report from Roost, the first of what they say will be quarterly releases, reaffirms what we’ve been telling you… businesses are seeing results from social media.

Click graph to view full-sized.Over 71% of small businesses surveyed said that social media is their most effective means of marketing. (Compare that to a total of 26.4% for print and display advertising combined.)

People are talking… probably about you!

We love to be right… and we especially love when new data backs up what we’ve been telling you all along.

Namely, your customers are on social media. And they’re talking about brands, whether those brands have joined the conversation or not.

Snake Oil Salesmen vs The Mad Scientist

We thought medicine wagons and snake oil salesmen were only historical things, a quaint memory of less sophisticated times… certainly not the stuff of nightmares. But it seems some social media expert experts are seeing snake oil salesmen hiding under the bed and lurking in the closet.

Welcome to the jungle!

We admit to being a little amused…

The controversy over social media “experts” continues. We wrote about it when Business Insider offered conflicting pieces called “Why I Will Never Hire a Social Media Expert” and “Why Some Social Media Experts Are Good“.

Does your business have Klout?

There’s a lot of buzz about lately about Klout and Klout scores.

One thing that folks struggle with in social media is trying to determine who they’re actually reaching. (We’ve written about this as it applies to businesses and ROI here, here and here.)  Klout is a site which promises “measurement for your overall online influence”. We’ve looked into it because… well, that’s what we do. And to be honest, we remain unconvinced.

Sidetracked by summer?

Summer’s distracting.

For business owners… for employees stuck working inside as they gaze longingly out the windows… and for your customers.

See what we mean? You were sidetracked already, weren’t you?

You want numbers? We’ve got numbers.

Business is about dollars and cents… numbers. So it’s no surprise that when making a decision for your company, you want to see how the numbers add up. Sometimes the biggest challenge can be finding the figures you need in order to make the most informed decision.

Take social media.

The good, the bad… and the ugly

Like everything else in this world, social media has positives and negatives.

The good news is that, like we’ve been telling you, social media is booming. The great majority of businesses have already joined new media, and more are planning to take the plunge. Many of your customers are already established in the online community, and emerging mobile technology practically guarantees their use will increase.

It’s called “social” media for a reason…

There’s an interesting piece at Mashable that highlights nine businesses succeeding on Twitter, and offers examples of how each is doing social media right.

Now, these are big corporations, with big-time marketing budgets. Of course they should be able to do it right. Right?

More businesses using social media to gain new customers

Another new study shows good things for businesses using social media.

Regus, a global provider of meeting rooms and workplace solutions, conducted a survey of managers and business owners of 80 countries. They found that 43% of American companies are successfully using new media to bring in new business. That’s up 8% from last year.Click chart to view full-sized.