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Social Media and Small Business Survival

We’ve mentioned (repeatedly) the benefits of social media marketing for small and medium businesses… so we were happy to run across even more news items during our daily surf that back up what we’ve been saying all along.

Numbers too big to ignore…

We warned you about taking Mom for granted

…and while we still think it’s good advice (Of course it’s good advice! ahem… Love ya, Mom!), maybe we didn’t go far enough. When it comes to social media marketing, neglecting any woman can be dangerous.


One of the things we do a lot of around here is read…

We read everything we can get our hands on that might remotely apply to social media marketing: articles, blogs, studies, expert advice, how-to’s, and even how-not-to’s. We spend hours every day reading, in a never ending effort to learn more ourselves… and hopefully pass along useful information. (You’re welcome.)

More proof that social media is the new word of mouth

It seems like only yesterday we were talking about social media as the new word of mouth.

Oh, wait… heh. It was yesterday.

So you can probably guess how happy we were to read a new eMarketer article that backs up exactly what we said.

Word of Mouth… to the umpteenth power

Word of Mouth. In a recent study reported by eMarketer, 50% of small business respondents say it’s the Click graph to view tool they could not do without.

There’s nothing at all surprising about that. Word of mouth has always been the best advertising that money can’t buy.

Google Plus vs Facebook – Who’s better armed in the war to rule business pages?

Businesses are still waiting – some more patiently than others – for Google+ to launch its version of brand pages. And while we wait, it gives us social media nerds something to wonder and write about.

Google Plus serves 25 million… and a side of toast

Google Plus is making headlines again.

(Come to think of it, “again” might not be the best choice of word… We’re not sure it’s left the news for a single day since its launch. Regardless.)

Maybe we need new glasses…

A new study released by the Pivot Conference surveyed 230 brand managers, executives, and marketing professionals. Brian Solis offers a lengthy report that contains an amazing amount of useful information. (Seriously, our heads are stuffed from trying to absorb it all.)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Facebook… or something

What do you think of when you think “anthropologist“?

No… not Indiana Jones. Not that we don’t love Indy, he’s just the wrong kind of “ologist“.

An anthropologist studies people. More specifically (according to Mirriam-Webster), they study “human beings and their ancestors through time and space and in relation to physical character, environmental and social relations, and culture”.