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Word of mouth finds willing ears on social media

Last week, we highlighted studies from Cone and COLLOQUY that looked at negative word of mouth as an aspect of social media. Some of the takeaways we found interesting:

  • 42% of respondents are likely to share their positive experience with a brand, while a whopping 75% would share a negative opinion

More about Mom

We talk a lot about Mom.

Mom, this… Mom, that… Mom, the other thing

We sometimes sound… well… kinda like Mom, huh?

Well, today MediaPost is talking about Mom, too. They surveyed moms who are active on social media about their use of Twitter, and the responses should interest you.

Is social media in the stars?

Look at the night sky… gaze into the heavens… and think about social media.

C’mon. Just… humor us.


Which astrological signs are the most engaging on social media? How should you vary content relative to the position of the planets? What effect do the stars have on ROI?

Keep content marketing “in the mix”

We’ve mentioned that one of the things we do ’round these parts is read everything we can find about social media, and how it applies to marketing.

And we frequently find things reported that we’ve already talked about… Heh. We tend to break out our little beagle buddy when that happens, to let you know we’re (once again) celebrating that we were right.

Let’s talk about SEX!

Heh. Got your attention, didn’t we?

But simmer down a minute. We’re not that kind of blog. We’re talking about sex as defined here by Merriam-Webster:

1 : either of the two major forms of individuals that occur in many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male…

Make MOM a priority!

We’ve warned you about taking Mom for granted!

A few times, in fact. And no… your mom doesn’t have us on payroll. This is our nagging, not hers. Because it’s not just your own mother you need to show some consideration. (Although you should do that, too.) It’s ALL moms.

Ask the experts!

When considering social media marketing for your small-to-medium business, make sure you get the opinion of experts!

No… not us.

We’ve never claimed to be experts. Under appreciated geniuses, maybe. But not experts.

Don’t let your social media efforts go down with the ship!

It’s A Small World.

And thanks to the internet and social media, it’s getting smaller. (And at the same time, cooler and more fun than the lamest amusement ride ever… you know which one we’re talking about.)

If you can’t say something nice…

Click graph to view full-sized.We talk a lot around here about “Word of Mouth”.

Really… a lot. Like here, here, here and here. Of course, we may not always practice what we preach (ahemproof here!), but we’ve discussed word of mouth as pertains to marketing quite frequently.


What the hell is going on around here?

Change. All kinds of change.

No, not that kind…

I show up for work, excited to blog about a new social media study. (Yes, I’m a nerd like that.)

And what do I find?