Monthly Archives: October 2011

Can I get that TO GO?

Americans love to go.

That’s why we were first to come up with a real car.

(We don’t even have to be going anywhere in particular – which is why we were also first to come up with the concept of “cruising”.)

But we like to stay connected, too.

Take a picture it’ll last longer!




That’s a QR thing that goes to our Facebook page.

Of course, you could just click on the link above to get there…

Or you could type into your browser…

Here’s what some random Google search result says about QR readers.

Brand followers more likely to buy AND recommend

It’s deja vu all over again…

A recent study by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey found consumers who follow a brand are more likely to buy from – and recommend – the brand’s products.

We told you all about this study last month when we…


Social media impacts sales AND perception

Last time, we told you about a study that found social media leads to an increase in store traffic

Well, a new study finds that social media, in combination with other marketing channels, makes consumers likely to spend more money.

New study links social media word of mouth to store traffic

We’ve told you before – social media is word of mouth.

Quite a few times, in fact… like here, here, and here. And as recently as yesterday.

Well, a new study (from NYU Stern School of Business’s Center for Measurable Marketing) has found a direct correlation between social media word of mouth and increased store traffic.

Social media not as effective as a company website?

It’s happened again.

We read about a new study… and immediately came to a different conclusion than the one presented.

Y’know, we’ve speculated before that maybe we need new glasses. Or maybe we’re just hopeless optimists. It’s possible that we’re just contrary by nature. (We’ve been accused of such.)

Start A Social Media Chain Reaction

A couple of weeks back, we suggested you listen to the experts when considering social media as part of your marketing program. And by “experts” we didn’t mean social media gurus – we meant your fellow small business owners.