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Now that we have your attention…  ;)

We’ve written about numerous surveys and studies, shared multiple charts and graphs, and generally made a sincere effort to show you that social media is a necessity.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday… Oh, T.G.I.Tuesday!

Good heavens… not THIS Black Friday. Once in a lifetime was more than enough.It’s that time of year…

No, not the day we set our clocks back an hour. (Although on a personal note, that’s our favorite holiday. ;) The big man in red never brought us an extra hour of sleep.)

Internet and Social Media to play big role in holiday shopping

Well, you could just about file this under “D” for “DUH”…

Some new surveys show an increased role for the internet (and, by extension, social media) in the holiday shopping season.

The National Retail Federation reports that 52.6% of smartphone users (and over 70% of tablet users!) plan to use their device to research products, redeem coupons and make purchases this year.

C’mon… All the cool kids are doin’ it!

More small businesses are using social media marketing than ever before.

So… what are YOU waiting for?

A recent study by Constant Contact reveals some interesing findings. In the six months between their spring and fall “Attitudes and Outlooks” surveys, they found an 8%  increase in the number of small businesses using social media.

Gimme an R… Gimme an O… Gimme an I…

Gimme a break.

Whenever you’re talking about social media from a business perspective, eventually the question comes up — How do you measure Return on Investment (ROI)?

We’ve addressed this before… and today we were happy to see the folks at Mashable offer a piece on the subject:

Quality or quantity?

We read a couple of articles today that left us scratchin’ our heads…

We can’t decide what to make of a statement like this:

…brands should focus in more on the quality of the user that likes their brand verses sheer quantity.  The higher quality user will be a brand advocate, spread the word to more friends, and be more likely to purchase or convert against an advertisers message.

Well, it’s about time…

We’ve been waiting (impatiently) for months, and now Google+ has finally launched Pages, which will allow businesses and brands to establish a presence in the social network.

We were lucky enough to score an early invitation back in July when the entire platform was in beta, and we were immediately interested in some of the features and how they could be applied for business.

2 out of 7 can’t agree on anything… or something

There’s been a lot of fuss in the industry about a study that found 1 out of 4 small businesses hates social media.


Well, never mind our first thought (which is 3 out of 4 small businesses like social media, that’s our eternal optimism again).

Should ROI be your social media MVP?

In business, everything eventually comes back to the all-important bottom line.

That fact has been – and continues to be – one of the biggest stumbling blocks with social media marketing. How do you quantify Return On Investment (ROI)? Where is a formula for determing what followers and “likes” are worth in real money?