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Vitrue has a rosier picture of Facebook Timeline for Pages

Our friends at Vitrue take a more optimistic view of the new Facebook Timeline for Pages:

Bottom line, the only sure thing in life is change.  And change is even more of a sure thing with Facebook.  But Timeline for Brands represents a social marketing opportunity in 3 key areas:

Facebook Timeline for Pages on the way…

And by “on the way” we mean March 30th:

Brand your Page

Add a unique cover photo and showcase your most important news on your Page timeline.

Highlight what matters

Pin a new post to the top of your Page each week so people notice what’s important.

Angry Birds










In Space.

You’ve been warned.


Your SOPA-Inspired Family Guy Clip of the Day


The War on Valentine’s Day

We don’t really know what to say: (via Mashable)

What’s supposed to be an innocent celebration of love has, to some, turned into a day of dread due to loneliness or pressure to buy the perfect gift. In light of this, Tumblr users have been flocking to a site called Occupy Valentine’s Day.


In what’s brewing to become the third installment in our War for Independence, British Broadcaster ITV has basically threatened Apple about using the now-ubiquitous “i” before “TV”, lest the redcoats mount up and fire the second shot heard ’round the world:

Your SOPA-inspired Family Guy Clip of the Day

“Hey, figure it our for yourself man!”

As seen on!

Little self-congratulatory note here. Our photo from Zucotti Park, looking onto Broadway, at the New York Football Giants Victory Celebration today was published by the Giants:

Here’s a few more:

Today is a Great Day for Democracy…

…Because Roseanne tweeted that she’s running for President:

Roseanne Barr — known for her decade-long stint on the eponymous ’90s hit sitcom — recently announced onTwitter that she is running for president.

She will run on a Green Party ticket against the GOP front-runner and President Barack Obama for the White House, if nominated party candidate in July.

The Complete Facebook IPO Filing

via Mashable and Scribd.

For those of you with the time to read 213 pages, here it is.

Facebook IPO filing (click to download)