Monthly Archives: March 2012

It’s times like this we Thank God we’re Giants Fans.

This just kind of makes us a little uncomfortable:

A message from the Almighty was delivered Friday at the funeral of Russell Francis, the Jets superfan who predicted on his death bed that Tim Tebow would join Gang Green.

We’re 1!

Well, officially anyway. We’ve been doing this for a lot longer than that.

So, Happy Birthday to us!

Stewie’s account of his being born and turning 1 is eerily similar to our own story:

The Funniest Movie Trailer You’ll See Today

Despicable Me 2:

Your SOPA-Inspired, Ode to Baseball, Family Guy Clip of the Day.

The Mets first spring training game is tomorrow against the Nats in Port St. Lucie.

Their last game is against the Marlins on October 3rd.

In between will be another season of abject failure.

Thank goodness we’re Giants fans.