Chocolate Carousel

Chocolate Carousel

Chocolate Carousel | Old-Fashioned Bakery & Sweet Shop 2014-09-11 01-55-11

“Life is Short. Eat Dessert First!” You wish you coined that phrase! So do we. But we didn’t. Owner Lisa Porada did! Read her full bio at the site but don’t take our word for it that Lisa and her team hand-make the most absurdly delicious and inventive dessert delicacies anywhere on this planet. Specializing in wedding cakes, making every bride’s special day that much more special, Lisa has built a reputation for quality and innovation unmatched among cake makers (you hear us “Cake Boss”?!) Cote Media was honored that Lisa chose us to revamp their first website, and we tried to do so with the same zeal Lisa puts into her desserts.

Think about it: Life is short…shouldn’t we eat Dessert first?


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March 25, 2014