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Brand followers more likely to buy AND recommend

It’s deja vu all over again…

A recent study by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey found consumers who follow a brand are more likely to buy from – and recommend – the brand’s products.

We told you all about this study last month when we…


What’s that? That was another study? What the…?

OK. Now we’re just messin’ with you. Here’s the deal —

In January, Constant Contact and CMB conducted a survey of Facebook users, and found them more likely to buy from and recommend from brands they “like” on Facebook.

Now they’ve released a new study, this time of Twitter users, and found similar results!

Among the findings of the Twitter study (Facebook results in parentheses):

  • 60% of followers are more likely to recommend a brand after following (56%)
  • 50% of followers are more likely to buy from a brand after following (51%)
  • 75% of followers have never “un-followed” a brand (76%)

It’s no wonder a third study found that 96% of leading companies expect to increase their social media investments.

…for organizations willing to engage, Facebook and Twitter are both great platforms for building customer loyalty and driving positive word of mouth.