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Storm Lessons We Hope We’ll Never Have to Use

It’s been two years since Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey. Not everyone was prepared for it, despite all the warnings, but we’ve learned from the mistakes. We’ve been lucky with the weather these past few months, but we’re still stocked up on all our disaster needs.

ryan gosling


  • External Charger/ Generator – In a time when we’re all glued to our cell phones and computers, losing power could mean a serious withdrawal. We’re not just talking to the Candy Crush addicts, but the social media industry doesn’t stop for anything, much like the postal service.

In 2012, the malls were flooded after the storm, not with water, not with shoppers, but with people looking for working outlets. It was a sight we hope we never have to see again.


  • Gasoline – This stuff is GOLD in the aftermath of a storm. Have a couple of filled jugs on hands so you don’t have to wait in line at the stations or get cut off by rationing. You’ll want some for your generator, your car, and maybe a chainsaw to break down and remove the tree that fell on precious property.

Two years ago, we didn’t care how much the gas was going for, just as long as it was flowing. We didn’t even mind the humming of generators; you get used to icord phonet after awhile.


  • A corded phone –While everyone is upgrading to the latest smart phone, fewer houses have a landline. It’s smart to have that vintage telephone, though. If your power lines are still up, so is your home phone, despite the electricity being out.

Today, Facebook has developed a disaster app. Next time a storm hits, your phone will ask if you’re okay, and your reply will reach your friends and family instantly.


bottled water


  • Batteries and candles – Do we really have to explain this one?!
  • Non-perishable food/ Bottled Water – When your power is out for hours, time to start eating everything out of the fridge. When your power is out for days and your pipes are a mess, going to the nearest food establishment may take hours as that waiting list gets longer by the minute. With some creative recipes (and a little desperation) non-perishable foods can be delicious.

The number of people who were scrambling for a can opener after Superstorm Sandy had us raising some eye brows. Those canned foods are no use if you can’t open them.

Then there was the coffee; not easy to make without running water.  That morning Cup O’ Joe was normalcy for many, something we were all seeking this time two years ago.


We hope that nothing on a Sandy-scale hits this month since we already have our Halloween costumes. Trick or treating in the mall a week later just is NOT the same.  What did Superstorm Sandy teach you?