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Video Marketing Still Claiming Most Web Traffic

Despite all the overwhelming evidence that video marketing will be the leading strategy in 2019 and beyond, some businesses are still reluctant to make the move onto video. What’s holding them back? Primarily, budget and self-consciousness. Some business owners fear video marketing is too expensive. They also feel self-conscious about appearing on camera. However, now’s […]

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Facebook Search Ads: What You Need to Know

Facebook has begun tests in a relaunch of their Search Ads feature. Now, certain automotive industry businesses as well as retailers are open to selecting Search as an advertisement option. Facebook has not yet released the date for a more widespread roll-out of the search ad feature. While the search element of Facebook is ancillary […]

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How to Get More Leads with Facebook Lead Ads

Looking for a new way to get leads for your email marketing campaigns? Don’t get discouraged by pricey websites with costly subscription fees that promise overnight success. Facebook has an effective (and often underused) solution hidden within ALL business pages that can help you grow your email lists quickly and affordably: Facebook Lead Ads. Sure, […]

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Fall Seasonal Marketing

Fall is one of the best seasons to start new marketing campaigns and advertising initiatives. Why? Perhaps we never grew out of the “start of school” attitude. We are primed to be engaged with new ideas and challenges after the close of summer. Now is an ideal time to start a new advertising effort. With […]

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