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Death, Dignity, and Social Media

We’re sure you’ve heard of Brittany Maynard by now – the 29 year old newlywed who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. We’re sure you’ve heard that she’s since passed away after taking lethal drugs prescribed to her by her doctor. She has a few videos on her website that dutifully explains why she chose […]

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Our Top 5 Favorite NFL 2014 Commercials!

Football is a great American sport that brings people together while pitting them against each other all in good fun!  We know that the Nation Football League is also a business, one with sponsors and one that sponsors other businesses. The best commercial breaks are the ones where our favorite (and not so favorite) athletes […]

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

As much as we’d like to conquer the world solo, very few businesses can meet all of their clients’ needs in one stop.  That’s okay because success enjoys company!  If you’re getting a new business off the ground or jump starting one, a sure way to build your clientele is to go where your clients […]

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Facebook and the “Tao of Cross-Pollination”

From the ‘oh do you think so Doctor?‘ file, the WSJ trumpeted the report we highlighted here a few weeks back. But the ‘teachable moment’ from this report comes not in recognizing the obvious point that Facebook is the most widely-used platform for New Media marketing, but in understanding that the ages-old truism of not putting your eggs all in one basket applies equally to this specialized genre:

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“Old-School” Marketing Rules Still Apply

We call it “Classic” brand marketing around here, but the idea is the same. We agree and I personally haven’t seen anyone argue to the contrary. The only difference that I see between classic market research and new media research is that with the latter we now have the ability to instantaneously determine what your online consumers think and want from your product.

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