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We’re Not Weird, Just Hyped to Crash the Game!

At Cote Media, we’re the kind of Super Bowl fans who bring an abundance of burgers to share with our new tailgating friends!  Our painted torsos show pride in single digit temperatures for 3 hours. The team chant and occasional stadium wave?  That starts in our section every time.  We even get all up in […]

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eyeLock myris: the end of passwords?

Do you ever see technological advancements and, much like high-end fashion, think “I don’t get it”?   Some look like gadgets straight out of a spy film, including iPhone 5’s fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone’s screen.  Unless you’re leading a double life, does this technology apply to a wide market?  One step further, EyeLock has […]

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Likes & Shares, or Rows & Columns?

Today’s small business environment is dominated not by spreadsheets, but by “likes” and “shares.” Prior to the advent of social media, a business upstart had to either rely on word-of -mouth, print marketing materials, and a simple website. But with the proliferation of social media and the spread of social networking sites such as Twitter […]

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Google Partners: 3 Main Goals.

“Every business should have the help it needs to succeed on the web. Everyday, agencies and web professionals work with businesses big and small to bring us closer to that reality.” ~Google Those were the sobering words of Google upon launching its Google Partners, a brand spanking new platform designed to give even more to […]

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