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Now Use Dynamic Ads in Guided Creation

Are you using Guided Creation in the Facebook Ads Manager? Now you can also build Dynamic Ads in Guided Creation as of December. What are Dynamic Ads? Dynamic Ads prioritize content automatically for different audiences. For example, when you upload a variety of photos and set different call to action buttons all within one ad, Facebook will show different combinations to different audiences. Which ads they show to whom is based on machine learning, and you cannot control how Facebook shows the ads. There is a level of trust involved in dynamic advertising, but most advertisers provide favorable feedback to the ad type. Why use Dynamic Ads? Dynamic Ads work especially well for dynamic retargeting for businesses with product catalogs. Dynamic retargeting...

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NEW! Promote Video Ads in Facebook Messenger

New Ad Placements Now Available for Video in Facebook Messenger Video continues to reign supreme in social media advertising for ROI and conversions. Just how successful is video compared to static advertising? According to Wordstream, " Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users." And that's just one of the stats proving the video is one of the most effective mediums for wooing new customers to your brand's tribe. Facebook has a long list of tools it has created to help make video marketing easier and more effective for advertisers. Now, it's adding new placements to the list, with Messenger the most recent development.  How does the new update work? According to Facebook: "Now you can extend the...

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Improve Offline Event Sets in Facebook Ads Manager

Offline Event Sets Help Businesses with Greater Offline Conversions Don't get frustrated by trying to measure how successful your online advertising is impacting your offline sales.  Businesses who "close their sale" primarily offline have always been faced with a challenge when using Facebook Ads. If there is no cart or online sale, and instead a customer makes their primary transaction at a physical location, how can a business know if their ads are working? According to Facebook: "Your offline conversion results help you understand how effectively your ads drive offline events. You can use this information to optimize your ad campaigns." And, maybe even more importantly, how can businesses appeal again to those successful transactions that take place offline to customers...

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Facebook Search Ads Now Open to All

Start Appearing to Customers in Search Results on Facebook Been longing to start appearing in Facebook Search ads? The time has arrived! When in late 2018, Facebook announced it would be opening Facebook Search Ads again to a select group of industries, many businesses started clamoring to find out when they might also be able to optimize their campaigns with search ad placements. After a year of testing the feature, now all advertisers can appear in search ad placements. As of October 2019, now any advertiser can opt to appear in search ad placements; the placement is no longer limited to select industries. Facebook announced: "All new ad campaigns using Automatic Placements will automatically include the Facebook Search Results placement. You can...

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NEW! Use Augmented Reality in Your Facebook Ads

Did you, like so many other people, fall in love with the fun augmented reality effects of SnapChat and similar platforms? Their integrated camera effects took social media by storm and attracted millions of new users to the new platform to play with the special effects. Users love the playfulness of the SnapChat AR experience. Until now, those effects have been largely used for fun. But as of this week, Facebook is paving the way for widespread monetization of the AR experience. Now, ad designers can add AR experiences to Facebook mobile ads. But designers will still have to wait for those experiences to be readily available and affordable. That is to say that the AR experience is there, but...

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