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US Election Week Brings Big Changes for Social Media Advertising

In the run-up to the 2019 election this November 5, 2019, both Facebook and Twitter have made announcements that will impact advertisers and advertising trends. The controversy is sure to heat up even more in anticipation of the 2020 election, which will draw more voters and attract more advertising dollars to the platforms. How will this impact non-political business advertising? Mostly with transparency settings.

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Don't Boost! Use the Ad Manager (and Other Useful Tips from Our Workshops)

So many marketing professionals and DIY business owners boost posts that seem to be gaining traction via their Facebook Newsfeed, but most advertising companies will advise you to never boost. Head straight to the Ads Manager is the better strategy. Business owners may not realize that by boosting, they are missing out on a plethora of tools and data available in their Facebook Ads Manager -- and that by boosting, they are simply losing out on all of that. How do you better use the Ads Manager? In Ads Manager, click the green "+ Create" button Select either "Brand Awareness" or "Engagement"  Select "Post Engagement" Select the blue "Continue" Button Select Your Post Parameters or Choose a Custom Audience Select...

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We Are Your Holiday Advertising HQ!

It's time to start planning for your paid holiday advertising! And we at Cote Media have developed several ways for you to make sure you are ready this year! We have options for those who want to hand off their advertising AND for those who would like to do-it-themselves! FULL SERVICE AD MANAGEMENTFor those who want to hand off their advertising completely, we are ready to start your holiday advertising strategy! Fill out this online form to request a quote. DIY GROUP WORKSHOP 9/27Want to manage your advertising on your own? Attend our Workshop on September 27th in Red Bank. You can purchase tickets here. PRIVATE INDUSTRY WORKSHOPThere is also time for us to schedule a private workshop for your...

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WooCommerce and Facebook Shopping

Have a Wordpress Shop using WooCommerce? If so, it's never been easier to integrate Facebook and all its business benefits into your website using the Facebook WooCommerce Extension. How do you get started? In your Wordpress Dashboard, Navigate to WooCommerce in your left Panel, the to the submenu item, Extensions. WordPress will recommend a number of extensions to improve your site's performance. The Facebook Extension will be recommended.  Here is the link directly to the extension: Simply select the link and you will be redirected to the WooCommerce Extensions Store. Fortunately, since it's available via the Facebook Developers team, it's free!  Download the extension and install it through your plugins. Within the plugin, you will be asked to enter details and...

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