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Part Two: Is Your Facebook Pixel Missing?

So you have found out that your Facebook Pixel is missing from your website, and you have a Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business Profile. Or you don't have social media pages, but you're ready to start either now or in the near future. What next? What are your next steps? You understand the deep trenches business owners get in before they realize they never had the pixel installed. You've thought, "how did this happen?" How did it happen? It might be a variety of reasons. But believe it or not, right now, so many web and advertising companies are NOT installing the pixel on their clients' sites when they launch. It may seem shocking, but even some of the...

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Part One: Is Your Facebook Pixel Missing?

No one likes to learn that something is "missing" from something they own. Hearing that something is missing from your website spurs most business owners to immediate action, especially if their competition has what they don't. It's not easy learning that your website is missing the Facebook Pixel, but it's crucial to know the hard truth right away before any further omissions are made. Why do you need to know and take the pixel seriously? Most organizations are using social media advertising as a combination of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other platforms. They hire social media experts who are trained to design stunning and eye-catching posts. Most businesses don't hesitate to splurge on photos, videos, or personnel for social media....

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Dive Deeper Into Facebook's Business Manager

Start using Facebook as a Business Page, and you will be impressed by the features available at first glance. An assortment of tabs provide several options for displaying media and news for an organization. But don't stop there! Once you're comfortable with your Facebook Business Page, it's time to create a Business Manager Account, install a Facebook Pixel, and sign up for an Ad Account.

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