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How to Get More Leads with Facebook Lead Ads

Looking for a new way to get leads for your email marketing campaigns? Don’t get discouraged by pricey websites with costly subscription fees that promise overnight success. Facebook has an effective (and often underused) solution hidden within ALL business pages that can help you grow your email lists quickly and affordably: Facebook Lead Ads. Sure, […]

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Ten Reasons to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

The word is out that video is now the most effective medium to engage with your customers online. Shorter 30 second-3 minute commercial-like videos, longer YouTube Content such as webinars, and Facebook Live are all outperforming other more traditional advertising rivals. Statistics are proving that customers are far more likely to stop in their newsfeed […]

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Did you hear the one about the Microsoft CEO?!

Cote Media’s staff is 1/3 women.  This blog is being written by one of said women.  Our company was founded by a pair of educated, passionate brothers. These are facts that you don’t need to know, but with the subject matter that follows, you might be wondering. This past weekend, a lot of women were […]

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