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How Often Should I Be Posting Stories on Instagram or Facebook?

  If you're using Instagram or Facebook for business, you have probably asked yourself how often you should be posting stories. Some businesses are posting anywhere from 1- 7 or even more stories per day on Instagram. So how much should you be posting? The answer is complicated and, of course, depends on your audience and industry. However, most social media sites recommend posting to stories anywhere from 1 time per day to 7. "Instagram users have also proven their desire to engage with brands via disappearing content. More than half a billion people use Instagram Stories every day, and a third of the most-viewed Stories are posted by businesses," - HootSuite The idea is to spread out your posts throughout the day, and...

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I Want to Manage My Own Facebook & Instagram Business Manager -- How Can Cote Media Help Me?

  You're confident. You're savvy. You're smart. You're one of those people who thinks, "In the time it takes for me to communicate what I need or want done to someone, I could have completed the task myself." You take ownership of your business and staff. You're an entrepreneur and you have a clear vision of your goals. You understand your message AND your target audience. You have a real understanding of your buyer personas. You listen to your current customers, and you speak their language. There's a specific lingo you speak in your industry and you know it best. You understand the ins and outs of everything going on in your profession. You have a real vision of your...

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NEW Instagram Tools for Business

In December, Instagram made several new additions to its platform with businesses in mind. The launch is part of efforts to grow its business toolkit as Instagram increasingly becomes the leading platform for advertising online. "Millions of businesses big and small, use Instagram to connect with people, build lasting relationships and grow their communities. As connections grow, so does the need for a broader set of professional tools. With this in mind, we’ve recently launched new features to help businesses better understand their community and better-control their presence on Instagram," announced Instagram. The updates are focused on measuring the effectiveness of your posts and controlling who has access to your account. Updates also allow improved control of your inbox and...

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Instagram Adds Features to Prevent Online Bullying

Online bullying is real and can be traumatic for its victims. But it’s not just a problem for social interactions; many businesses suffer online bullying, often from unhappy customers or competitors.  Competitors are often the first people businesses blame when they receive negative reviews or comments online. The struggle is also real. Some businesses do recruit customers to post negative reviews, ratings and comments in an effort to sink their competition.  The pain business owners feel is also often compounded by the sometimes difficult challenges they experience when attempting to delete the reviews from their accounts. The plain enormity of businesses who are all contacting Google, Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis makes businesses frustrated by waiting in line...

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