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Facebook Product Ads: What You Need to Know!

The ever-evolving social media landscape is keeping Facebook on its toes! The website recently introduced its intention to launch what they’re calling Product Ads for businesses. It’s actually pretty awesome; Facebook is obviously paying attention to marketers’ concerns and their ultimate goals. So what does this mean for YOUR business? We’ll break it down! It […]

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Suicide Prevention on Facebook

It seems like now more than ever Facebook is showing users that the page is more than a website, it’s a community. We saw it when the social network encouraged users to educate themselves about Ebola and donate to research. We saw it when Mark Zuckerberg and company joined forces with Amber Alert. Now, as announced at […]

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Trending Topics of 2004

This week, Facebook turned 11 years old!  When the social network was just starting, it was exclusive to Harvard students.  There weren’t nearly as many users as there are today, and there was no such thing as “Trending Topics.” We have a strong feeling that these 11 topics would have been trending on Facebook in […]

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