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It’s Not Budweiser Without the Clydesdale!

Sunday, The Wall Street Journal reported that in an effort to market Budweiser to the 21-27 year old demographic, Anheuser-Busch would be dropping the Clydesdale! Long-time consumers responded quickly and harshly on the King of Beers’ Facebook page! WSJ got it wrong, though! Targeting a younger demographic doesn’t mean the end of the iconic horses […]

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Our Top 5 Favorite NFL 2014 Commercials!

Football is a great American sport that brings people together while pitting them against each other all in good fun!  We know that the Nation Football League is also a business, one with sponsors and one that sponsors other businesses. The best commercial breaks are the ones where our favorite (and not so favorite) athletes […]

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Scandal goes Urban

With the return of Olivia Pope and team, it’s time to talk about scandals! We’re talking, tweeting the wrong hashtag.  We’re talking insensitive jokes from someone who clearly didn’t ask themselves: “too soon?”  We’re talking about that blood-stained sweatshirt! But sometimes we wonder, are such mindless acts really accidents waiting to be cleaned up? Stunts […]

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We’re Not Weird, Just Hyped to Crash the Game!

At Cote Media, we’re the kind of Super Bowl fans who bring an abundance of burgers to share with our new tailgating friends!  Our painted torsos show pride in single digit temperatures for 3 hours. The team chant and occasional stadium wave?  That starts in our section every time.  We even get all up in […]

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