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Ten Reasons to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

The word is out that video is now the most effective medium to engage with your customers online. Shorter 30 second-3 minute commercial-like videos, longer YouTube Content such as webinars, and Facebook Live are all outperforming other more traditional advertising rivals. Statistics are proving that customers are far more likely to stop in their newsfeed […]

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Now’s the Time to Launch Your Ecommerce Website

Now’s the Time to Launch Your Ecommerce Website On average, millennials now make 54% of purchases online. ECOMMERCE IS GROWING EXPONENTIALLY According to a Statista report, ecommerce is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in sales by 2021. Driven largely by an increasing reliance on smartphones and other devices, ecommerce is more than thriving; its rise […]

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Red Bank’s Haunted Ghost Tours Are A Scream!

To the casual observer, the city of Red Bank looks no different from any other town in America; it’s got small businesses, restaurants, theaters, and banks. Indeed, it looks totally normal on the outside. But what if we told you that underneath that superficial facade of welcoming aesthetics lied a more sinister force? That’s right–spooky […]

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