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Countdown to Your Next Big Event on Instagram

Instagram recently launched a new countdown feature for stories, and it's an excellent tool for business owners to drive more traffic to their website or location. With the new countdown tool, you can let your audience know how long until a particular event and raise excitement for it. Planning a big sale? Use the countdown feature to generate more enthusiasm for customers to start thinking of your 50% off merchandise!

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Custom Audiences Drive Efficient Advertising

When you start an advertising campaign for your business or organization, you want it to function with the greatest efficiency and precision. Otherwise, you are just wasting money. Precise advertising has never been easier with Facebook's business platform and Pixel. These techniques allow you to create specific custom audiences for your advertising campaigns and target these audiences (and their lookalikes) with the right message at the right time.

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Understand LTV (Lifetime Value) for Advertising

Your business needs to have a predictable cash flow to cover your overhead, deliver a steady profit margin, and (perhaps most importantly) give you peace of mind. The prevailing strategy for achieving this type of security for your business is called the Lifetime Value Model or LTV. And now Facebook has engineered its business platform so that LTV can be implemented conveniently in all your advertising campaigns.

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