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Likes & Shares, or Rows & Columns?

Today’s small business environment is dominated not by spreadsheets, but by “likes” and “shares.” Prior to the advent of social media, a business upstart had to either rely on word-of -mouth, print marketing materials, and a simple website. But with the proliferation of social media and the spread of social networking sites such as Twitter […]

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Facebook’s “News” Obsession

In October, Facebook reported that the social network’s average referral traffic to media sites, such as those reporting current events, was up 170% since 2012. In response, Facebook will be incorporating such media reports into users’ news feeds. On December 2, 2013, the social network released the blog “News Feed FYI: Helping You Find More News […]

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Social Media and a Superstorm

October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy surged through the coasts of New Jersey and New York. Thousands of residents were misplaced, some permanently. Hours before the storm made landfall, the power went out, and we were in the dark without more than just lights. Cell phone service went down. Televisions went out. Radios ran out of […]

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Watch. Tweet. Repeat.

2013 has proved thus far to be the year of social media and television integration. Sure, you’ve been watching the news for a few years now and you’ve seen the Twitter handle at the bottom of the screen. But, when you combine things people actually watch on a mass viewing basis and things people like to talk about – it’s a social media hit.

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