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Pinning Shouldn’t be by a Major Decision

It’s not like Pinterest is just gaining traction now, but recently, it has been getting quite a bit of special attention. In case you happen to only be online to read this blog, and have missed it, Pinterest is a site where users can create online bulletin boards where they “Pin” things they’d like to remember. So, if you’d like to remember that recipe for homemade hot sauce or a particularly helpful pin – how to keep your zipper from falling down (It actually works!) – you can pin it to your online bulletin boards where all of your followers can then see what you’ve selected and check it out for themselves.

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Vine, Vine, Wherefore Art Thou Vine?

-said the Droid user of Cote Media. Just two weeks ago, Twitter introduced Vine – six seconds of looping video with much the same spirit as Twitter itself – short and clever. Well, we will use the term “clever” loosely for some. Sounds great, right? Well, while we do agree with you, there have been a few bumps along the road for this new app.  Just last night, an update was released after users complained about adult content in the app.

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