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Social Media: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That (Except us!)

It can be safely assumed that social media marketing is becoming a lucrative part of every business’s growth plan. At first glance, it doesn’t seem all that complicated. What does it take to write a few Facebook posts a few times a week? Once you start digging more deeply, you’ll find that social media marketing […]

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Social Media Celebrities: The New Pop Stars

In the 90’s, we watched strangers live in a new environment together; it started with The Real World.  We made these people into our friends and our enemies, based on their (edited) actions.  When it came to public appearances, suddenly they weren’t just with a camera crew, but amongst “fans.”  These were the first pop […]

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Watch. Tweet. Repeat.

2013 has proved thus far to be the year of social media and television integration. Sure, you’ve been watching the news for a few years now and you’ve seen the Twitter handle at the bottom of the screen. But, when you combine things people actually watch on a mass viewing basis and things people like to talk about – it’s a social media hit.

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