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I Want to Manage My Own Facebook & Instagram Business Manager -- How Can Cote Media Help Me?

  You're confident. You're savvy. You're smart. You're one of those people who thinks, "In the time it takes for me to communicate what I need or want done to someone, I could have completed the task myself." You take ownership of your business and staff. You're an entrepreneur and you have a clear vision of your goals. You understand your message AND your target audience. You have a real understanding of your buyer personas. You listen to your current customers, and you speak their language. There's a specific lingo you speak in your industry and you know it best. You understand the ins and outs of everything going on in your profession. You have a real vision of your...

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Don't Boost! Use the Ad Manager (and Other Useful Tips from Our Workshops)

So many marketing professionals and DIY business owners boost posts that seem to be gaining traction via their Facebook Newsfeed, but most advertising companies will advise you to never boost. Head straight to the Ads Manager is the better strategy. Business owners may not realize that by boosting, they are missing out on a plethora of tools and data available in their Facebook Ads Manager -- and that by boosting, they are simply losing out on all of that. How do you better use the Ads Manager? In Ads Manager, click the green "+ Create" button Select either "Brand Awareness" or "Engagement"  Select "Post Engagement" Select the blue "Continue" Button Select Your Post Parameters or Choose a Custom Audience Select...

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Why Have a LIVE Social Media Workshop?

A LIVE social media conference for your employees is an indispensable necessity for almost every type of business and organization. With the growing power and influence of social media to make or break any organization, a social media workshop is something that should not be skipped or postponed.

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What's Your Social Media Policy?

Businesses and organizations are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities today. Before the advent of smartphone technology and social media, business owners would lock their offices or shops at the end of the day and go home. Now, it's as if each of your employees are walking around with a key to your business every day and all day -- right on their smartphone. 

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