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Vine, Vine, Wherefore Art Thou Vine?

-said the Droid user of Cote Media.

Just two weeks ago, Twitter introduced Vine – six seconds of looping video with much the same spirit as Twitter itself – short and clever. Well, we will use the term “clever” loosely for some.

Sounds great, right? Well, while we do agree with you, there have been a few bumps along the road for this new app.  Just last night, an update was released after users complained about adult content in the app.

Apple and mobile app creators are no stranger to this complaint. It has happened before with different programs, so don’t let that keep you from trying this out. The update released a new 17+ rating for users. Twitter made a few extra tweaks while they were at it, and now you can share your Vine videos after you’ve posted them.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, says Vine will “force people to be creative and foster this new art form” for those who dive in to the short videos. Instagram made everyone photographers, so, pretty sure now we’re all going to be video clip directors.

In all seriousness (if we had your full name, we would use it here so you would know we mean business,) this app seems to have some great potential, but not without a few more gripes from mobile users:

  • No selfies! We all know how much people love their self-portraits. But, the app does not yet allow to switch to a front facing camera.
  • Why don’t we have any friends? Well, in this case it’s because many users have complained that while you can “Find Friends” using your Twitter account, the friends who show up are only a portion of those who use the app. How are we supposed to share our six second genius with our friends if we can’t find them?
  • One other problem – while available for free on the Iphone and Ipad, Vine has yet to make it’s appearance for Android users. Come on, we want to be movie directors, too!