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Some of the Top Post-Covid Marketing Realizations & Tips

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced sudden, unexpected and massive shifts into the online strategies of most organizations. Even companies with extensive Business Continuity Planning are struggling to come to grips with how to approach such a crisis. Everything from the most practical considerations such as budget to more existential factors like the "why" and "who are we now" have come into question. We have compiled some of the top reflections on advertising post Covid-19 from a variety of sources to help our clients and colleagues approach this time. Don’t exploit the situation The first thing we are seeing is people trying to exploit fear. What I mean by this is supplies are running low around the world. From masks and toilet...

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Google's Post Covid-19 Guiding Media Principles

Overwhelmed with questions about how to approach their media efforts in this time of Covid-19, organizations are seeking guidance and clarification. Google's Vice President of Global Marketing for Media Joshua Spanier decided to pinpoint five guiding principles for his team to focus on as they approach the new normal. We find these to be succinct, universal values that our clients and colleagues can rely upon. "Inside Google Marketing: 5 principles guiding our media teams in the wake of Covid-19" by Joshua Spanier is an important resource for those looking for values to reinforce with their teams and clients as we move forward into uncharted terrain.   1. Context, always Though this is a global pandemic, its impact is local. We’ve found...

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Tips for Crisis Communications

Considering the current state of emergency sweeping the world, businesses without an established crisis communications policy or plan are seeking quick tips for managing their social media and other accounts. We have comprised a list of the most standard tips for managing your communications strategy during this sensitive time. While your industry may call for a different set of responses, these tips provide sound advice for any organization looking to communicate effectively during this time. Understand the Crisis Don’t jump wholeheartedly into communicating about the crisis without a sound understanding of the facts. Do your research from respectable and reliable organizations, not gossip. Don’t jump to conclusions and make sure you consider the short and long-term impacts of the situation...

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Be Ready with a Business Continuity Plan

  In recent weeks, we have seen the unexpected rise in business closures and slow-downs due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic. If you have not already established a Business Continuity Plan for your organization, now is a good time to start setting one up and making sure it is executed properly.  According to,  a website that offers free tools for businesses to prepare for disasters and emergencies, there is a clear planning process that is recommended. This entails: Block 1 - Business Impact Analysis: Develop questionnaire, Conduct workshop to Instruct business function and process managers how to complete the BIA, Receive Completed BIA questionnaire forms, Review BIA questionnaires, Conduct follow-up interviews to validate information and fill any information gaps....

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How Often Should I Be Posting Stories on Instagram or Facebook?

  If you're using Instagram or Facebook for business, you have probably asked yourself how often you should be posting stories. Some businesses are posting anywhere from 1- 7 or even more stories per day on Instagram. So how much should you be posting? The answer is complicated and, of course, depends on your audience and industry. However, most social media sites recommend posting to stories anywhere from 1 time per day to 7. "Instagram users have also proven their desire to engage with brands via disappearing content. More than half a billion people use Instagram Stories every day, and a third of the most-viewed Stories are posted by businesses," - HootSuite The idea is to spread out your posts throughout the day, and...

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