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What are you waiting for?

Studies show that up to 70% of small businesses are already using social media as a marketing tool, and spending on social media marketing is projected to rise by as much as 35%. Of businesses who aren’t currently taking advantage of the medium, over 40% say they intend to start within the next three months. That means that many of your competitors have embraced new media as part of their arsenal, and more are ready to sign up. So the question is:

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It Ain’t Rocket Science

With the rapid growth of New Media Marketing, we’re noticing a wealth of articles and information available at the click of the “search” button… The problem for businesses is, the information can be – if not confusing – downright contradictory. For example, we read a scathing article at Business Insider titled “Why I Will Never Hire a Social Media Expert”. The writer is trying to make the point that you don’t need a social media expert, because he can do it on his own… and you can, too.

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No “pretzel logic” here!

It sounds so simple:  The key to effective social media marketing is connecting with your customer. But some businesses mistakenly believe that means the literal connection – the Twitter “follow”, or the coveted Facebook “like”. They think just getting the customer to click that button in the first place is the goal.

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Live-blogging my losses at Monmouth Park

It’s my brother’s 30th and we are back at the jewel of the jersey shore for a brisk day at the races. If for no other reason than my own catharsis, I’m going to be live-blogging my picks throughout the day. I wouldn’t recommend repeating my selections. Pray for me. Gates open in 10, first […]

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Survey Says! Social Media Positively Impacts Small Business SEO

We love data. Data makes the world go ’round as far as we’re concerned here. You could listen to a thousand marketers give you a thousand reasons why you should pay them to do your SEO and New Media marketing and all of it could be complete bunk at the end of the day. But show a small business owner the numbers and they’re more likely to take you seriously. recently heralded a survey study conducted by Marketing Sherpa that found the following:

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