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Snake Oil Salesmen vs The Mad Scientist

We thought medicine wagons and snake oil salesmen were only historical things, a quaint memory of less sophisticated times… certainly not the stuff of nightmares. But it seems some social media expert experts are seeing snake oil salesmen hiding under the bed and lurking in the closet. And they want to warn the world.

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Welcome to the jungle!

We admit to being a little amused… The controversy over social media “experts” continues. We wrote about it when Business Insider offered conflicting pieces called “Why I Will Never Hire a Social Media Expert” and “Why Some Social Media Experts Are Good“. To make the discussion as confusing as possible (we guess), AdAge has an article up today that explains “Why You Should Replace Your Social Media Experts With Wild Animals“.

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Does your business have Klout?

There’s a lot of buzz about lately about Klout and Klout scores. One thing that folks struggle with in social media is trying to determine who they’re actually reaching. (We’ve written about this as it applies to businesses and ROI here, here and here.)  Klout is a site which promises “measurement for your overall online influence”. We’ve looked into it because… well, that’s what we do. And to be honest, we remain unconvinced.

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Sidetracked by summer?

Summer’s distracting. For business owners… for employees stuck working inside as they gaze longingly out the windows… and for your customers. See what we mean? You were sidetracked already, weren’t you?

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You want numbers? We’ve got numbers.

Business is about dollars and cents… numbers. So it’s no surprise that when making a decision for your company, you want to see how the numbers add up. Sometimes the biggest challenge can be finding the figures you need in order to make the most informed decision. Take social media.

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