More small businesses are using social media marketing than ever before.

So… what are YOU waiting for?

A recent study by Constant Contact reveals some interesing findings. In the six months between their spring and fall “Attitudes and Outlooks” surveys, they found an 8%  increase in the number of small businesses using social media.

Click image to view full-sized.What’s more, not only are small businesses more aware of – and active on – social networks, but their outlook toward it is also improving. More businesses now say that social media:

Click image to view full-sized.And while Facebook is most popular, with an incredible 96% of small businesses using the platform (and 86% calling it “effective”!), there was increased use for nearly every type of social media network.

Now, we realize not everyone is susceptible to peer pressure. And we suppose if you’re still dead set against social media for your business, this isn’t going to convince you…

But it should.

Whether all the cool kids are doin’ it or not (they are), 81% of your competition is.

Just sayin’.