How fast is Google Plus growing?

While the numbers being reported are unofficial, one word describes the growth rate.

FAST. (OK… two words.) Really fast.

Paul Allen, founder of, (who released a figure of 4.7 million only Sunday) has revised his earlier calculations. Mashable reports that, based on census data, he now puts the number at nearly ten million G+ users. eWEEK said their own search for G+ users provided “roughly 8,890,000 results”.

What’d we tell you? Fast.

Remember, Google Plus was only released two weeks ago. Somewhere around 9-10 million users have signed up, in two weeks, despite limited availability. That kind of goes beyond “fast” into levels of “wow”, actually. What’s more, it’s projected to reach 20 MILLION USERS by this weekend.

Wow fast.

Definitely growing faster than this thing…Jeremy Scott at ReelSEO writes “Google Plus Is Growing Like a Weed“:

…it’s clear that Google Plus is guilty. Guilty of growing at an alarming rate, and probably much faster than anyone anticipated, especially Facebook.

Giles Turnbull at TIME writes “Google+ Is Growing Like Crazy“:


Plus is getting a lot of attention because – finally – Google seems to have done a social network right.

Google Plus is growing, all right. Per Mashable:

We cannot remember any social network reaching so many members so quickly after its release.

Growing like a weed… Growing like crazy…

Hmmmm… growing like…

Growing like the Scottish rebel forces when they meet the Irish at Falkirk! Yeah!

Eh? What’d we tell you? Braveheart. (We love to be right…)

But anyway, there’s more.

ZDNet reports that the Google Plus One button is already moving up among social plugins. Facebook, with four plugins, remains dominant.

What is surprising, however, is that the Google +1 button (4.5 percent) is already ahead of the Twitter Tweet button (2.1 percent) and the Twitter Follow button (1.3 percent). That means Google is already in second place.

With expanding use of it’s +1 button (which we’re seeing everywhere), and the number of people still waiting impatiently to get invited to the G+ party, you can expect the Google Plus growth rate to stay the same for awhile…


Really fast.

WOW fast.

Heh… Scottish rebel army fast.

Getting the picture?