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Cote Media https://cotemedia.com Digital Media Marketing Solutions Mon, 04 Apr 2016 15:29:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.6 Facebook Product Ads: What You Need to Know! https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/03/23/facebook-product-ads-what-you-need-to-know/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/03/23/facebook-product-ads-what-you-need-to-know/#respond Mon, 23 Mar 2015 17:30:31 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=2106 The ever-evolving social media landscape is keeping Facebook on its toes! The website recently introduced its intention to launch what they’re calling Product Ads for businesses. It’s actually pretty awesome; Facebook is obviously paying attention to marketers’ concerns and their ultimate goals. So what does this mean for YOUR business? We’ll break it down!

It can be safely assumed that many businesses sell more than one type of product, which begs the question: how do we market only ONE specific product and how do we get it to the people who need to see it? Product Ads answer both of those questions. This new feature will allow businesses to advertise multiple products (or even their entire product catalog!) across all devices their customers use. Essentially, businesses are now able to get much more specific with promoting their product.

Additionally, business pages can now create campaigns that promote specific products to specific audiences.  By using Custom Audiences, advertisers can now target the same people who visited their website and looked at specific products. Businesses can also reach people based on their specific interests, locations, or whatever criteria matches with your product. If a product sold especially well on a business’s website, they’ll be able to create an ad on Facebook for that same product so it’ll do even better.  It’s generally customizable so the options are wide open!fbproductads

Product Ads also allow for either single product or multi-product ads to be created. With multi-product ads, you can highlight a number of different products in one single advertisement. The pictures of your products will scroll accordingly on the user’s screen. They don’t even have to be related to each other! Even cooler? When using automatic delivery of product ads, Facebook will turn off an ad if they see your product is out of stock. You’re totally getting even more bang for your buck.

As usual, if the thought of a Facebook ad totally overwhelms you, Cote Media is here to help! Happy Advertising 🙂

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Social Media: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That (Except us!) https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/03/02/social-media-aint-nobody-got-time-for-that-except-us/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/03/02/social-media-aint-nobody-got-time-for-that-except-us/#respond Mon, 02 Mar 2015 21:16:37 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=2099 cotemediablog1 It can be safely assumed that social media marketing is becoming a lucrative part of every business’s growth plan. At first glance, it doesn’t seem all that complicated. What does it take to write a few Facebook posts a few times a week? Once you start digging more deeply, you’ll find that social media marketing is in fact a full time job and one that requires full and constant attention. It goes beyond sporadically posting and tweeting; it’s something that must be consistent and strategic.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: it’s impossible to successfully run your business AND your social media. If you don’t fully agree with us just yet, keep reading. Here are three reasons why you need someone to help you along your social media journey:cotemediablog3

1.) It takes time! Like we said before, social media marketing is a full time job. It requires round the clock monitoring to ensure effectiveness. With Facebook insights and Google analytics, it’s very much a numbers game. We pretty much do it in our sleep.

2.)Endless Information! The thing with the internet is that just when you think you have a full understanding of an idea, it’ll completely change the next day! We stay on top of the ever-changing playing field so you don’t have to.

3.) Lack of Skills Chances are, the business you’re in is a reflection of your skills and interests. Our business at Cote Media is a direct reflection of our passion – digital media. We should go where our passions take us, are we right?

As you get further into detail, the list only grows. We’ll expand on these three points throughout the month so if you’re not convinced yet, just stick with us 🙂 When you come to your senses, Cote Media will always be ready and able to help you out.



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Suicide Prevention on Facebook https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/02/26/suicide-prevention-on-facebook/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/02/26/suicide-prevention-on-facebook/#respond Thu, 26 Feb 2015 16:09:32 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=2089 It seems like now more than ever Facebook is showing users that the page is more than a website, it’s a community. We saw it when the social network encouraged users to educate themselves about Ebola and donate to research. We saw it when Mark Zuckerberg and company joined forces with Amber Alert. Now, as announced at Facebook’s fifth annual Compassion Research Day, we’re seeing it in the form of suicide prevention.

pic 2 2According to Facebook, the company has been preventing self harm since 2012.  Three years ago, alarmed users could report an alarming post by using the drop down menu at the top right corner of a post. Next, they’d send a screenshot of the post and a link to the profile of the user in question.  The user who created the post would then receive an email from Facebook, including contact information for suicide prevention resources.

Today, the reporting process is easier with more options of action.  Mental health organizations including Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention, Now Matters Now, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) and Save.org have joined the campaign. Now, simply click “report a post” and you’re given options to contact the friend, contact another friend for support, or contact a suicide helpline for guidance.  With no copying and pasting of links, this version is mobile friendly, too.

pic 2

Once reviewed, if the post is thought to be a red flag, Facebook contacts that user the next time they are logged onto Facebook. Options of positive action include reaching out to a friend or a professional as well as trying some coping mechanisms and watching videos of others who have struggled with self harm.

“Keeping you safe is our most important responsibility on Facebook,” Rob Boyle, Facebook Product Manager & Nicole Staubli, Facebook Community Operations Safety Specialist.

While convenient, this update is NOT a replacement for contacting emergency services.  It is a big step, though. Many people may see dark posts and think they can’t do anything because they are not professionals, and don’t want to say the wrong thing. Now, you don’t have to be an expert to make the right move.

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Have you googled Google Adwords??? https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/02/19/have-you-googled-google-adwords/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/02/19/have-you-googled-google-adwords/#respond Thu, 19 Feb 2015 21:46:12 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=2073 Last week, we hosted a Google Partners live stream focusing on Google Adwords. As a Google Partner, we’re in the market of promoting small businesses via Google Adwords, the search engine’s advertising platform. A lot of time and energy goes into finding your potential clients, but that’s what we’re here for! So what are we doing behind our computers?  We promise we’re wearing pants.

“Google” has become a verb.  We google history, we google trending topics, and we google the next big thing. In the time it has taken you to read this sentence, there have been over 250,000 Google searches performed. (http://www.internetlivestats.com/) Someone just searched for your services, but they didn’t find you on page one of their results, as an ad or as an organic result! (What’s the difference? That’s for another blog!) Are you even in their results?

If your Google Partner is on top of your Google Adwords, you are! Here’s is what we work with: what you are promoting, keywords associated with your business, where you want to reach people, and the peak time to reach that audience. We create advertisements (maximum 95 characters) for your business. Yes, more than one ad! Science 101 tells us that every experiment needs something to compare your results to, or a constant.

feb blog pic 2

So here is your experiment: You want to find customers to buy your winter shovels.

  • Both advertisements start with a head title (25 characters maximum) like the name of your business, Tim’s Tools for Winter, or the product, Tim’s Turbo Winter Shovel.
  • You create one advertisement focusing on the features of your latest shovel in stock. “Adjustable handle, expandable head, etc.”
  • You create a second advertisement focusing on the price of the shovel. “Only $50 for a season of clear sidewalks and driveways!”
  • Each advertisement ends with a call of action like “Unlike the snow, these shovels are here for a short time.”

*Ads appear at the top of the results list or to the right module.

After one month of advertising, we review the activity of each advertisement.  If the advertisement focused on price worked better than the one about features, we’ll mold a new advertisement based on that information. Another month, another review, another adjustment.

That’s just one small part of using Google Adwords to find your customers. It might sound simple, but we only make it look easy because we’re experts.  You’re an expert at your own business. Don’t lose that title by trying to take on a whole other arm of marketing! Let us do our thing and we’ll make sure you succeed in yours!

We also mentioned keywords associated with your business, where you want to reach people, and the peak time to reach that audience.  Those deserve their own blogs! If you’d like to get a jump start on that education, call us!

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Trending Topics of 2004 https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/02/05/trending-topics-of-2004/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/02/05/trending-topics-of-2004/#respond Thu, 05 Feb 2015 17:03:32 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=2029 This week, Facebook turned 11 years old!  When the social network was just starting, it was exclusive to Harvard students.  There weren’t nearly as many users as there are today, and there was no such thing as “Trending Topics.” We have a strong feeling that these 11 topics would have been trending on Facebook in 2004!

  • Bennifer (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez) and Brennifer (Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston) both split, ending the constant confusion.

bennifer brennifer


  • Yahoo! split from Google, starting its own search engine.


  • 52 million viewers tuned in for one last cup of coffee at Central Perk as FRIENDS aired it’s series finale.

FRIENDS finale

  • The Razr cell phone was king. You couldn’t crush candy on it, and it was a flip casino pa natet phone. We’ve come a long way!


  • The first same sex marriage was performed in Massachusetts.

gay marriage

  • William Hung became one of the most popular failed American Idol auditions with his rendition of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs,” and Jennifer Hudson came in 7th place in the competition.


  • Ken Jennings won 74 games in a row and $2.5 million dollars on Jeopardy!


  • Mean Girls tried to make fetch happen.

mean girls

  • North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Il was on the big screen as a puppet in Team America: World Police.

team america

  • Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake released Nipple Gate! This year, Missy Elliot made her comeback at the Half Time show without one wardrobe malfunction.

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Halftime Show

  • New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, and they didn’t even have to cheat… that we know of!


What topics come to mind when you think of 2004?

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Did YOU Survive the #Blizzardof2015? https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/28/did-you-survive-the-blizzardof2015/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/28/did-you-survive-the-blizzardof2015/#respond Wed, 28 Jan 2015 18:24:51 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=2016 If we hear the words “bread and milk” one more time, we’ll probably explode.

As you most likely have heard by now (how could you not?), one of the most anticipated storms of recent time turned out to be a major dud. It couldn’t have been a bigger dud. While Mother Nature simply outwitted us once again, much of the “dudness” came from all of the ridiculous hype.

It’s the snowball effect.  Pun intended. One person starts talking about a blizzardblog1few inches of snow, then their friend shares a Facebook status on their wall, someone else retweets an unpaid weather blogger, and before you know it, we have a historic blizzard on our hands. While all the models and trends truly showed a major storm, there’s no way it would have been this blown up if it wasn’t for social media. If you were ambitious enough to open your Facebook, you would’ve seen that the first 10 updates were about the storm. If you were brave enough to go out in public, the only word that could be heard was blizzard. The bread was long gone. Lines at the gas station indicated some type of impending apocalypse.

blizzardblog3While a lot can be said for the phrase, “Better safe than sorry,” we wonder if it was all worth it. Better to be overprepared than underprepared, right? Maybe the idea of “social media responsibility” should be taken into consideration. Many of the big time weather bloggers (Weather NJ, Tri-State Weather, Jersey Shore Hurricane News) have come out with apologies indicated what they could have done differently to prevent mass panic. Here’s what the guy behind the curtain at Weather NJ had to say this morning, “For myself though, I’ve walked away learning that forecast risk mitigation (what could go wrong) should be better implemented into the forecast discussion. Hindsight is 20-20 but I wish could go back and mention that dry slots and late phases can make or break large complex systems such as these. It’s best to present all possible solutions and rule them out one-by-one during real-time observations and verification. I think I will do this from now on so that the public has a better understanding of both possibility and probability with approaching weather systems. Have a great day and be safe!”

We thought that was pretty cool. A lesson learned for many people. Social Media is a tricky, tricky thing.

Is it summer yet?


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Social Media Celebrities: The New Pop Stars https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/21/social-media-celebrities-the-new-pop-stars/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/21/social-media-celebrities-the-new-pop-stars/#respond Wed, 21 Jan 2015 20:23:57 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=2006 In the 90’s, we watched strangers live in a new environment together; it started with The Real World.  We made these people into our friends and our enemies, based on their (edited) actions.  When it came to public appearances, suddenly they weren’t just with a camera crew, but amongst “fans.”  These were the first pop (culture) stars who weren’t in a boy band like Backstreet Boys or a girl group like The Spice Girls. There weren’t necessarily talented, but they’d be chased like they were! Today, we have the same “stars,” but not just on our televisions.  We’re talking about social media celebrities.

We admire the average Joe shooting and editing tutorials, reviews, sketches, and the like, gaining millions of subscribers on YouTube.  Bring in Instagram and Twitter, and it’s a whole other game! Businesses aren’t just going to social media and using the most popular hashtags, they are going directly to the users that their consumers follow, asking the “influencer” to post their product on their feed with a simple snap!

Many influencers are most popular with the tweens and teenage girls, like sixteen-year-old Long Islander, Tanner Zagarino. He sees more than $15,000 a month from his social media presence. He’s gone from hosting a fashion blog, to being one of Seventeen’s “Hot Guy” panelists, and he makes several appearances. What does he do at these appearances?  Take selfies with tweens, of course.  That’s all.

jam fest

The fandom is parallel to the same demographic’s reactions to One Direction! Screaming teenage girls chase these influencers down the street, hoping to snap a picture for their own Instagram. Now, the new era of pop stars now has their own event: The Jam Fest in Orlando! With the tag “online just got a whole lot more real,” The Jam Fest brings together stars from the web and favorite artists of said stars’ fans.  We’d be anxious to see who gains more screams: those with musical talents or those with a different kind of skill set on social media.

The celebrity status is changing with each new social media status.  Are you keeping up?  If your business is behind the times, Cote Media will bring you up to speed.  We might not have the same fans of #AlexFromTarget, but we have our own fan base. #RussFromCoteMedia, anyone?

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Facebook to the Rescue! https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/16/facebook-to-the-rescue/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/16/facebook-to-the-rescue/#respond Fri, 16 Jan 2015 17:08:15 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=1967 Facebook is good for a lot of things. Finding missing children may just be one of them! Last March, an 11 year old girl went missing in South Carolina. An Amber Alert poster with her picture on it began circulating Facebook and she was later found in a motel room. A motel employee saw the girl’s picture on Facebook and alerted authorities leading to her discovery.amberalertblogpic1

Earlier this week, Facebook announced it would be partnering with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to extend Amber Alerts into people’s newsfeeds. The alerts will be targeted to those users who are located near the search area. They will NOT act as Facebook notifications, rather they’ll just show up in a user’s newsfeed as they’re scrolling. It’s also not something one would have to actively enroll in – every Facebook user will get the Amber Alerts.

Each Facebook Amber Alert will include as much information as possible, including photographs. It’ll give you the option to share the post with your friends and a “Learn More” button will connect users to the NCMEC missing child poster. The idea is if you’re seeing an Amber Alert, you’re actually in a viable position to help.  The alert will NOT be delivered to you otherwise. That’s something to actively keep in mind; these alerts are not arbitrary. This is YOUR opportunity to get involved!

In the past, whenever there hadamberalertblogpic3 been an active Amber Alert, it usually made its way to the trending topics section on Facebook. The social media world reportedly helped in finding some of those children, which is what sparked this i dea. It’s a fantastic example of a social media outlet using its “celebrity” to help other people. We don’t know why they didn’t think of it sooner!

The program went live on Tuesday. Make sure you keep your eyes wide open!


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New Year means New Branding Strategy on Facebook https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/13/new-year-means-new-branding-strategy-on-facebook/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/13/new-year-means-new-branding-strategy-on-facebook/#respond Tue, 13 Jan 2015 16:37:41 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=1963 Facebook welcomes brands, from independent to corporate.  The social network caters to the people who may or may not consume what these brands have to offer.   In 2015, brand pages won’t only battle for consumer attention against other brands (or kitten videos).  In order to reach a wider audience, they will have to do it without being “too promotional,” as per request from “the people.”

Depending on the number of friends a user has on Facebook plus the number of pages they LIKE, a news feed could be endless! If every post were displayed in the order they were posted, you may see some profile updates multiple times, and others never! Based on past activity and surveys, Facebook displays what users are more likely to click.

According to people surveyed (by Facebok), there are some consistent traits that make organic posts feel too promotional:

  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

While some brands may be rolling their eyes because they have to recalculate their posts in 2015, it’s nothing new to Cote Media! Our clients’ posts reach your News Feed because we create unique content catered to a specific audience when fans are actively online! How you’re your brand make sales without being “too promotional” this year?  You don’t have to think twice about it! That’s our job.

To learn more about reaching your audience amongst the competition, call us at 855-COTE-MEDIA

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Who is Charlie? https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/09/who-is-charlie/ https://cotemedia.com/blog/2015/01/09/who-is-charlie/#respond Fri, 09 Jan 2015 15:59:00 +0000 https://cotemedia.com/?p=1961 Wednesday, I went through my daily routine of opening my (digital) mailbox and my social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  The first thing that caught my attention: a tweet reading “My prayers are with Paris.” The tweet was from a celebrity so I figured it wouldn’t reach me; maybe said celebrity has family or friends in France. Throughout the day I saw a few more tweets and status updates about an attack on the city.

12 killed

The pictures were the ones that got some information across, rather than prayers. Another post told me that cartoonists were involved. By the end of the day, a Facebook friend changed their profile picture to an icon reading “Je Suis Charlie.” Who or what is Charlie?

charlie hebdo

Thursday, a close friend of mine updated his Facebook status: “The fact that my opinions, beliefs, abilities, and sense of humor are different from yours should not make me a target for violence.” That caught my attention! When someone who I know as kind hearted and intelligent makes it a point to speak up about a topic, I look into it.

From social media posts alone, before reading any articles, I gathered that a dozen cartoonists were killed by a terrorist attack in Paris.  That’s like saying someone walked into open-mic night, and no one came out alive.  There had to be a valid reason for this act, like maybe the hit men walked into the wrong office, and they were really looking for a drug cartel or a human trafficking leader.

After reading The Globe and Mail (http://bit.ly/1xWdDUw), and other articles, here’s what I gathered about “Charlie.” The paper often skews public figures and some are icons that groups look to for guidance.  The illustrations can be graphic, no pun intended.  Also, this wasn’t the first attack they’ve experienced; their office was firebombed in 2011, and in 2006 the then-editor was slammed with a (unsuccessful) lawsuit for “inciting hatred.”

This isn’t about right or wrong, but what we take from Facebook status updates and tweets versus what we can fully gather from doing our own research.  Before, all I knew was that people in Paris died in a terror attack.  Now, I know that this wasn’t a random attack on people who tell knock-knock jokes. Just as Charlie Hebdo wasn’t slowed down in the past, publication will continue. Next Wednesday’s issue will contain 8 pages rather than 16, but the usual 60,000 copies has increased to a circulation of 1 million!  The issues are not published on the Charlie Hebdo website, but I expect an image of the cover will be a hot topic this time next week.

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