Google Plus is making headlines again.

(Come to think of it, “again” might not be the best choice of word… We’re not sure it’s left the news for a single day since its launch. Regardless.)

Ten million users in less than two weeks… Twenty million in under a month… Now comScore reports 25 MILLION G+ users, with a growth rate of roughly one million visitors a day!

But there’s more.

According to CNET, a new survey of mobile app developers found that 2/3 of respondents feel G+ can catch Facebook.

The reason: more than 68 percent of the respondents believe Google’s other assets — search, YouTube, and maps, among others — trump Facebook’s social graph lead.

And while developers don’t yet have G+ application programming interfaces to write to, they’re planning for the eventuality.

Click graph to view full-sized.The survey found that 72 percent of the respondents plan to write Google+ APIs in the next 12 to 18 months. That’s just one percentage point behind the number that plan to use Twitter’s APIs, and only 11 percentage points behind Facebook.

With the continued impressive growth of G+ and the impatient interest of the development community, its no surprise to find such renowned internet experts as Steve Kille offering up thoughts like this:

Google+ is very impressive… I reckon Facebook is toast…

Facebook has a lot of users and enormous network effect strengths. All the same, I don’t think this will save it from going the way of MySpace.

Whether G+ can turn Facebook into the next MySpace remains to be seen, but the show promises to be entertaining in the meantime.

Wonder if Zuckerberg’s a plain ol’ butter kinda guy, or if we should pick up some jelly…