interesting piece at Mashablethat highlights nine businesses succeeding on Twitter, and offers examples of how each is doing social media right.

Now, these are big corporations, with big-time marketing budgets. Of course they should be able to do it right. Right?

But how does it apply to your small/medium business? Well, for each company mentioned, there are a couple of “takeaway lessons” listed. We’re going to look at them.

We aren’t going to mention the company names… we want you to see that large corporations and small businesses need to learn the same lessons when it comes to social media. And the most successful, large and small, are already putting their knowledge into practice.

Let’s study that list of “takeaway lessons”:


The Mashable aricle names all the companies who prove the above advice. And they’ve got a fancy slide-show and everything. You can go read the whole thing. But we believe that what big-budget corporations and small-to-medium businesses really need to know boils down to the same simple lesson we’ve been teaching all along.

That’s right. Engage your customers.

Everything on that list… every “takeaway lesson” from the big, successful companies… every piece of advice we have offered… it all boils down to the same thing – engage your customers.

Make them smile. Heck, make ’em laugh if you can. Ask questions. Answer questions. Respond to their input, positive and negative. Learn about them. Find out what they want. Show them the personality behind the profile. Get them involved. It’s called “social” media for a reason.

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