With each ball drop comes New Year Resolutions.  A lot of people plan to get in shape and be healthy.  Others vow to try new things, see new places, and meet new faces.  A few just want to avoid the drama.  In 2015, we all want to be happier.  Isn’t that what every resolution boils down to?  So this year, share your resolution with others to keep yourself on track and make every day a #Motivation day!

Since the creation of MySpace (remember that?), everyone has learned a thing or two about photography; or at least how to snap a picture.  Despite the funeral selfie, most pictures are of positive moments, things we want to remember.  So this year, let’s keep our social networks clean of negativity, and keep our profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Rooms, etc.) positive with updates of our goals!

Plan to get in shape? Get a jump start in January with a picture and status update each day in order to gain, what we like to call, resolution sponsors!  Post a picture of your healthy meal, the gym equipment you use most often, and the workout routine you hope to build up to! If your life gets busy and you fall off track, your resolution sponsors will be there to remind you of your goal!

The great thing about social networks is that you control who follows your progress and who can leave words of encouragement.  You can easily block anyone who is trying to discourage you with negative comments.  Share your New Year Resolution with a select group of friends using direct messages and private settings.

This is the fun part: Be sure to create a hashtag that ends every post so you can easily search for them on December 31, 2015! Start with something simple like “#NYR15,” but keep it unique like “#CoteMediaNYR15.”  Social networks, like Rooms, also make it possible to seek out others with the same goals by searching a general term that sums up your resolution, like “body building” or “healthy eating.”

You don’t have to have a solid resolution to take part in this project, either.  Each day, update your status with something that made you smile, then add a picture that does the same.  Maybe you’re reading a new book or you discovered a new coffee shop!  Snap a picture of the book cover or your favorite drink or BOTH! Keep the pictures in a Facebook album or under the same hashtag so that on December 31, 2015, you can look over the great year you had!

If your resolution is to jump start your business, ring in the year with us! Our resolution is to make 2015 outshine 2014!