We warned you about taking Mom for granted

…and while we still think it”s good advice (Of course it”s good advice! ahem… Love ya, Mom!), maybe we didn”t go far enough. When it comes to social media marketing, neglecting any woman can be dangerous.

Heh. That”s actually true across the board, isn”t it? But let”s stay on topic. 

There”s been a lot of buzz about a new Pew study that shows 50% of all adults using social media. What we found most interesting about it is the gender breakdown of social media users. According to responses, 69% of online women use social networks as compared to 60% of online men.

Click graph to view full-sized.And it”s a continuing trend.

Looking more closely at gender differences, women have been significantly more casino online likely to use social networking sites than men since 2009.

Now, it”s not just the statistically higher number of women on social media that makes them dangerous to ignore. Or the fact (as we”ve mentioned) that they”re the fastest growing mobile demographic.

It”s their purchasing power.

Recent studies highlight the position of women as primary household decision maker – with control of up to $5 TRILLION in spending annually – across a wide range of consumer categories:

Product      Primary Influencer
Category  –  % Fem – % Male

What”s more, women surveyed claim that even in a joint household, men have a dominant influence in only 2% of purchasing decisions.

The fact is: Women are now more important in making purchase decisions than ever before and are in fact, the most important consumer for businesses to target.

The Pew study also found women more likely to check into social media regularly, with nearly half checking in on a “typical day”.

Reminds us of an old song… and while we can”t say how many of those online women roar, we agree the numbers are too big to ignore.

And now you can spend the rest of the day trying to get that tune out of your head.

You”re welcome.