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Full Service Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Safely outsource your daily posting and social media accounts to a USA / NY metro area based, trustworthy firm.

Cote Media will manage your social media accounts, designing and posting on a predetermined basis with a strategy that complements your sales objectives. Our talented artists will design attractive posts, curate your photography and video, and write compelling captions using effective hashtags to grow your accounts and drive sales. We will also keep your management team apprised of the effectiveness of your accounts with regular, reliable reports and data.


  • Design artwork and curate photography and/or video for your Instagram and Facebook accounts

  • Develop daily content to reach your target customers. (This may include photos, videos, memes, blog posts, or audio)

  • Post daily to your Facebook and Instagram accounts

  • Manage all published content in a folder/library that is owned by you

  • Monitor and respond to users and any comments seven days per week

  • Grow your audience by liking/following relevant pages and commenting on relevant audiences posts

  • Manage an influencer program if recommended

  • Monitor and manage any online reviews to Facebook

  • Monitor and analyze statistics from your accounts

  • Draft and share reports with reliable data and statistics from your accounts with your senior management

  • Coordinate advertising campaigns that complement your social media strategy for increased sales, audiences, and engagement.

We offer two options: we can manage your accounts or teach you how!

Most businesses prefer to outsource their Business Manager performance to an advertising agency, but there are organizations that prefer to keep the management in-house. We offer options for both types of businesses -- large and small! To manage your own, choose from our workshops. To hire us to manage your accounts for you, choose set-up.

Learn to Set-up & Manage Your Accounts

live in-person and video workshops now available

Hire Us to Set-up and/or Manage Your Accounts! 

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