Laurita Winery

Laurita Winery

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Robert Louis Stevenson said that “Wine is bottled poetry”, and he never even had the chance to visit Laurita Winery! If he had, he probably would’ve come up with that legendary quote on the spot. If you’re from Jersey, the first time you set foot on Laurita’s sprawling, gorgeous winery you’ll blink twice and ask yourself “are we still in Jersey?” The place is just that breathtaking. We don’t want to say getting married anywhere else is crazy, but…

Cote Media has been in the enviable position of letting the masses know just how amazing a winery can be for over a year: from the wine, to the grounds, to the people, to the ambiance…there are few places like it anywhere. We were doubly thrilled when they entrusted us with revamping their website, tentatively set for a New Years 2015 launch. Oh, and you’ll be able to purchase their wine online.

You’re welcome.



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March 4, 2014