Event Custom Audiences and ads on Facebook are an effective way of honing in on some of your most loyal customers and their lookalikes. By creating an Event Custom Audience, you can appear more in the feeds of people who have attended your events OR demonstrated interest in attending your events. You can also create lookalike audiences based on actions taken on your previous events.

Event ads help increase responses or ticket sales on a website you use and give your event a presence. Event ads also allow you to target people who might be interested in your event and retarget people who've expressed interest in the past. You can choose video, photo or more creative formats to attract the audience you want. - via Facebook

But first, before you start taking advantage of event ads, you need to be creating events on your Facebook page of course! Events are often an overlooked avenue for generating momentum for your brand and service. 

Events don't always need to be physical events where people meet in person. It's common practice to create virtual events where people participate in something online and even events for sales. Watch parties for Live Broadcasts can also be events.

Try making events routine for your organization and make a commitment to schedule at least one per month. Then start using the data gained to promote additional offers to your audience.

Who can you target with your event ads? Depending on your event, these can be the options:

    After you are successful with growing your event audience and attendees, start creating lookalike audiences from your events. What's a lookalike audience and how does it work?

    Use Ads Manager to upload a list of people from email lists or who have bought tickets in the past. We'll target similar people based on their Facebook data and browsing history. Learn more about Lookalike Audiences. - via Facebook

    Lookalike audiences are extremely effective tools for discovering new customers with similar traits as your loyal existing clients. 

    What should be the target of your event ads? Facebook recommends the following:

    Whatever your objective might be, Cote Media can help reach the right audience to promote your event. Ready to outsource your digital media advertising? Message or call us today!