Google Plus is still making headlines, this time with the news of 10 MILLION users in two short weeks. But despite the number of personal profiles being created and connected, the real story may be the implications for business.

Originally Google intended to roll out business and brand pages in a few months, but brands started signing up as fast as they could get an invitation. (Recall their embarrassment when Ford was asked to pick it’s gender.)  In response to the enthusiasm, Google has announced they’ll be implementing “entity” pages much sooner, with beta testing as early as next week (for hand-picked applicants).

So, if you can’t get into the party, why are we teasing you?

Because we think B. L. Ochman at AdAge may be on to something:

I think Facebook will continue its dominance as a social scene, and Google+ will become the dominant social network for business…

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks open to businesses, Google already has built-in productivity apps for enterprise, including email, in use by more than 200 million Gmail users, plus more than 3 million businesses using its Apps.

But also because (as we’ve told you before) when it comes to social media, you need to be there because your customers are there… ten million of them in just two weeks, with more clamoring to get in.

Naveen Hariprasad at Forbes says much the same:

The bottom line is that any company that cares about what consumers are saying – and where they are saying it – should get familiar with Google+ now.


Oh, man… We love to be right.