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Anymore, it seems that Apple (that fruit company) dominates our lives and everything we do. Like an overbearing tyrant with cool gadgets, Apple makes sure that we don’t consider anything other than an iPhone. And for the most part, we gleefully acquiesce to Apple, lining the streets like sheep with opposable thumbs when its time for Apple to release the next iPhone. If phones were countries, Apple would be America (even though they’re made in China) and Blackberry would probably be a developing nation that will never change its ways or modernize. It’s truly hard to imagine any smartphone maker coming close to matching iPhone’s prowess.

–Enter Samsung Galaxy 5

In April, Samsung appeared to take Apple down a peg with the release of its Galaxy 5. Its deep pockets and plucky persistence make it stand as a bona fide competitor. Although unthinkable (and possibly sacrilege), the Galaxy 5 comes with many things that make it better than any iPhone.

Big, Sleek Screen

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Heart Rate Monitor

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Since we love our smartphones more than our own  personal health and would sooner succumb to a massive stroke than stop tweeting, the Galaxy 5 comes with a heart rate monitor. The idea is pick up on the success of wearable health tech like Fitbit. The way it works is user puts their finger up to the sensor located just below the phone’s camera, and it measures a pulse within five to ten seconds. Equipped with a pre-installed app (free) on the phone called S Health 3.0, users can  keep track of their heart rate over time. It’s obvious that Samsung is trying to corner the fitness market.

Better Battery Life

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While it’s cool to have a phone that can order a pizza or tell you that you’re the only one, all we really want is some decent battery life. The Galaxy S5 has a much larger battery than the S4 (2,800 mAh vs. 2,600 mAh). In fact, the Laptop Mag Battery test, which involves continuous Web surfing over 4GLTE on 40 percent brightness, found that the Samsung lasted 8 hours and 5 minutes. The iPhone 5, however, only lasted  5 hours and 46 minutes. That’s right–the S5 beat the iPhone5 by freaking two hours! Just imagine how many selfie and crotch pics you could take with that extra battery life.

With the Galaxy 5, it’s clear the Samsung is trying to break away from the collective “droid” label, forcefully creating an identity of its own. And one that refuses to be bossed around by the iPhone.

You agree?