It seems like everywhere you look nowadays online there are new ways to monetize your business. Each day a new app or integration promises to help generate another passive stream of income. This is part of the "Hustle" culture, where entrepreneurs are encouraged to diversify their incomes by using new online tools that allow you to automate your business so you can eventually sit by the beach and check your Macbook only once a day for one hour.
One source of income? That's a foolhardy choice in the hustle culture, which is taking over the internet. In the hustle world, entrepreneurs needs at least two or three sources of income and much of that should become passive or be able to generate recurring revenue (as in the case of subscriptions). 
There is no shortage of entrepreneurs who have claimed to hustle and are now retired at the age of thirty or so by using online tools. What's one of these strategies? Print-on-demand.
Many of these entrepreneurs began integrating print on demand services into e-commerce websites years ago before any of us realized that things were being marketed to us constantly on Facebook. By using niche strategies, these entrepreneurs would research popular and trending concepts via Google Insights and other tools. Craftily, they would then design custom print-on-demand items such as t-shirts or mugs for these niche audiences, even if they had little to zero experience or knowledge about that niche.
For example, this resulted in twenty-year-old men launching a t-shirt line to appeal to women over thirty who love sewing, knitting, and crochet. Despite zero knowledge of this hobby, these men created an enormously popular t-shirt line simply by understanding the market's online behaviors and searching stock art databases for popular sewing quotes. Their strategy won, and true to the hustle culture, the men then set that platform to auto-pilot and moved on to the next niche. 
The print-on-demand system requires no overhead and is therefore attractive to younger entrepreneurs with little to no capital to start. Any ambitious person can adopt this method by setting up a site, designing a shirt, and launching a facebook niche campaign. Shirts are only printed when they are ordered and paid for. So there is also little risk to the business person.
So if this method is so successful for entrepreneurs with no experience in a certain niche, imagine how successful a person who is an expert in their field can have with this system? 
If you are an expert in your field and understand its nuances, you may not know that you might be sitting on a wildly profitable business concept. It's easy to design a shirt that appeals to your audience in any field; sales, marketing, education, finance. If you understand the field, you might be able to design a print on demand business that sells any variety of products, even books.
If you're interested in starting a print-on-demand website or adding one to your existing website, contact us today!