Red Bank. New Jersey — Cote Media will now manage an E-Commerce Networking and Growth Platform to provide additional resources for businesses.  New Jersey E-Commerce will be primarily organized via a private Facebook Group. Interested parties may join the group and learn more HERE

Cote Media decided to manage this group due to increasing requests from clients and businesses who are looking to revamp their existing platforms to include e-commerce features. Social media is now invigorating e-commerce on nearly a daily basis with new tools for businesses to sell directly through their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Business owners can add shops to many of their social media accounts and allow customers to make purchases with one click. These accounts can also be linked to major online platforms such as Amazon and E-Bay.

The demand for revamped online platforms is growing, while simultaneously, entrepreneurs are looking to promote their own businesses. This platform, however, is far more robust than other online shopping networking groups. The group is not merely an environment for businesses to advertise their goods; the group is for businesses looking for expert support and guidance on taking their e-commerce businesses to the next level via Facebook, Instagram and other channels.

Cote Media's presence in Red Bank, NJ also influenced their decision to develop this group. New Jersey is leading the nation in e-commerce growth on several fronts:

In 2017, New Jersey had the highest amount of per person spending on average on e-commerce purchases in the country. No state has a higher confidence with online shopping more than New Jersey. Its road and delivery networks make deliveries fast and efficient. For that reason, many e-commerce retailers are renting warehouse and distribution space in NJ, driving the industrial warehouse real estate market to record highs. International real estate investors are now being attracted to the area as well, motivated by the growing demand for distribution centers for e-commerce items.

The New Jersey E-commerce group will serve as a networking hub for this diverse community in the state of NJ and beyond. As a model for the nation, businesses are looking to NJ to see what the future of e-commerce may hold throughout the country. Therefore, the opinions and experience of NJ-based e-commerce retailers and residents is of great importance. 

With that in mind, Cote Media will also host a series of events for businesses to meet and discuss the growth of e-commerce. Businesses can also connect with other e-commerce service providers to obtain advice and services to grow their business.