They’re one thing we all have in common… you didn’t get here without one, and neither did we.

Now, we won’t accuse you of taking your own mom for granted. (If you are, odds are she’ll handle your foolishness herself, right?) BUT when it comes to social media marketing, you have a lot more to worry about than just your mom.

You need to be reaching and engaging everybody’s mom.

Newsleader reports that companies are turning toward a fast-growing, budget-controlling demographic in their online marketing efforts — namely, moms.

Indeed, the always-connected and -sharing ethos of moms is what marketers hope to better understand. In the parlance of marketing, these are the most “engaged” users and, in many ways, the most valuable consumers online.

Interestingly, the number of moms and men with smartphones is nearly equal at the moment, but that’s changing as moms now outpace men in adopting the technology. There’s more.


Women with children are also among the biggest spenders on the Web — either buying directly from mobile apps or researching products that they buy later.

In another recent piece about moms (and there are quite a few this last week… we were starting to worry we’d missed Mother’s Day or something) eMarketer highlights digital useage by moms, broken down by generation.

…among both millennial and Gen X mothers, mobile usage was most common—even ahead of television.

Other favorites in the digital area among moms of all ages are going online, social networking and emailing.

So. Moms are now the fastest growing demographic for smartphone technology… and they’re spending a lot of time digitally connected… and they’re often the major decision makers when it comes to purchases for their families.

It’s time to start giving all the social-savvy moms out there the same attention and engagement you’d show your own.

(We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt here… If you aren’t treating your own mom that way, please accept our “Shame on you!” on her behalf. While you’re reaching out to all the other moms, maybe you should call your own, too. Just sayin’.)