With Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) approaching, now is the perfect time to start a conversation about marketing and sales automation. Why? While BFCM shows no signs of declining in popularity (last year’s Cyber Monday broke records and was the largest shopping day in U.S. history), the controversy over mixing Thanksgiving with consumerism persists. New and innovative marketing automations allow businesses who are still on the fence about BFCM to participate without forgoing traditional holiday celebrations. If you’re not on the fence and ready to go all out this year for BFCM, automation will be pivotal for running the most optimal advertising campaign.

Traditionally, Americans anticipate the weekend as a chance to unwind and give thanks for our good fortunes, enjoy “turkey-tired” naps, play tag football, reunite with family, and taste seasonal dishes. Over the years, holiday sales have encroached more and more into our celebrations, now with some of our relatives disappearing Thanksgiving night itself to race out for “crazy” discounts on flat screen TV’s. While sales are growing and breaking records, BFCM is controversial and an important indicator of future business trends.

Cyber Monday has also infiltrated our holiday time with the “Monday” sales actually taking place the entire weekend: Thursday through Monday. As CNBC describes: 

“Companies including Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s and Best Buy are pushing offers online earlier and for a longer duration of time, yet analysts say Amazon will capture up to 50 percent of total e-commerce holiday sales.”

Currently, Thanksgiving weekend is now transforming into a weekend of sales and shopping, and not everyone is happy about it. According to Inc.com

“The broader argument that some Millennials have made against Black Friday is that it promotes consumerism, rather than qualities that really matter in life: Love, empathy, spirituality and compassion. (Keep in mind, this is a generation that values hugs in the workplace.) “Black Friday is an abomination made even more disgusting by taking place immediately after giving thanks!” wrote one Twitter user on Saturday. “It’s an Americanism we don’t need,” said another.

However, the protest seems to direct most of its anger at shopping sprees at physical stores and designates Cyber Monday as a safer alternative. If you don’t want to miss out on BFCM sales, but also feel conflicted about the sales trend, business automation is probably the answer for you. Automation can drive your business online over the weekend appealing to those who prefer to stay home and shop online or on their smartphones. 

Inc describes the advantages of Cyber Monday when approaching the controversy: 

“On the other hand, super-connected Millennials tend to be more accepting of Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving where e-commerce retailers offer special deals and traditionally expect to see massive sales. This year, Cyber Monday spending will eclipse $6 billion, a 17 percent increase from 2016, according to Adobe Systems estimates. Of those who are willing to participate in the discounts offered on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the majority of Millennials (71 percent) say that Cyber Monday is better, according to The Tylt research.”

Marketing and advertising automation appeals to even those protesting the holiday sales crush. For businesses on the fence about BFCM advertising, marketing automation makes sense; it’s a valuable method that allows businesses to profit without compromising their position on the holiday.

For many businesses, sitting out BFCM is risky and almost impossible, no matter what their attitude is about the holiday. Advancements in online marketing have made it simpler than ever to automate your business efforts days or even weeks in advance of the holiday. Relax all weekend knowing that your business can be earning profits without you lifting a finger. Does this sound impossible or even too good to be true? It’s not. Business automation is real and now.

Your entire business can be automated nowadays, and you don’t need to just use these advancements over Thanksgiving. You can automate your business year-round for more free-time and less stress. What are some ways you can automate your online business for stress-free BFCM and year-round business?

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