The holidays can sneak up on shoppers.  Don’t let it sneak up on your business!  When consumers are on social media, it’s your job to let them know that it’s the season of gifting!  How?  At Cote Media, every month is led by a calendar of social media posts, each created with and approved by your business.

Some of our clients have 3 or 4 sales going on for the holidays and want each one to be in the spotlight.  Not a problem; we know the best ways to go about it!

These four tips are vital to boosting your season!  We know that the holidays can be hectic… without us! You have a lot to be on top with keeping up inventory and satisfying holiday frenzied customers without trying to perfect the art of social media marketing! We’ve got it covered for you! Want to see what your holiday calendar would look like? Contact Cote Media!