The power of social media to sink or elevate an organization in seconds is unquestionable. With smartphones, every customer and employee has tremendous power to instantaneously tweet information that could cost you millions of dollars or more--or bring in huge revenue. 

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Social media assaults on businesses are well-covered even in major news publications, with online magazine publishing entire threads of customer complaints. Perhaps the most well-known of these threads are airline complaints. United, JetBlue, and SouthWest have all been exposed on social media by customers in well-televised Twitter or Facebook rants. How much might these posts have cost the airlines? The number isn't known, but events like these could prove fatal to their reputation.

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On top of these more candid events, employees also have power to boost revenue for your business enormously. Popular wisdom nowadays for most new graduates in any industry is self-branding. Recent graduates entering the workforce are encouraged to think of themselves as brands and to cultivate brand awareness for their own goals. They create videos, posts, and websites all tailored to their personal brand. Once hired, these employees then use their brand to rise through the ranks of organizations, raising both the organization and themselves through their "platform."

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Platform is the common word for a personal brand's complete online profile. A platform typically includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, and more. Recent graduates enter the workforce with vast platforms and networks, as well as fluency in most major smartphone communications.

In such an atmosphere, it's essential for businesses to have a social media strategy in place. While some companies are turning to online training courses for their employees, many are going the old-fashioned route: live in-person workshops led by social media experts who can teach your employees some of the basics.

Russ Cote of Cote Media leads social media workshops nation-wide. His events are not lectures; They are hands-on workshops where individuals leave with real results.

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Russ specializes in tailoring his workshop to your industry and empowering employees to be ambassadors for your brand. He also empowers them with real technical knowledge to launch effective results-oriented advertising campaigns through both personal and business Facebook pages.

The feedback he receives from his attendees is overwhelmingly positive -- many remarking that they were unaware of such methods for growing their business. 

If you're looking for a social media workshop for your business or industry, message or call 732-747-4300 Cote Media today!